Gas Boiler Upgrade

High Efficiency Boiler Replacements

Ecoscene have been registered an approved High Efficiency Boiler Installer of Gas (RGI Approved) Oil Boilers since 2001.

Since the inception of the SEAI Home Energy Savings Scheme in the 2008, and now the Better Energy Homes Scheme Ecoscene have completed numerous Upgrades of Homeowners Heating Systems and Controls over the last 3 years. Ecoscene SEAI Contractor ID is 10990.

We are complete our replacement boiler work within the Potterton Myson range and the Baxi Boiler range which achieve a minimum of 92% seasonal energy efficiency for domestic gas and oil condensing boilers.

The effect on the heating bill when a condensing boiler is installed by an RGI Approved and SEAI approved Installer, is quite dramatic and when combined with the other cash granted aided options such as solar panels and wall and roof insulation there are realistically savings of up to 50% to be made in heating bills.

For further information on the range of high efficiency boilers available please follow the link to our suppliers website.

Feel free to contact us on or phone 087 – 7807268 to arrange for an honest appraisal of the efficiency of your existing house and heating systems and the suitability of the house for a High efficiency boiler Upgrade and heating controls, information on cash grant aid, payback period and additional services to improve the efficiency of your home and to ultimately lower your heating bills!

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